Diverse and major environmental changes to food supply across the globe have given rise to a food allergy epidemic. It has become a life changing and challenging experience to numerous parents as the prevalence of a food allergy in children is increasing with time.

AllerLiving thrives to shed light on the seriousness of the condition with an underlying determination to; empower those with food allergies to live a high-quality life, and raise the general publics’ overall awareness of food allergies.

AllerLiving was established by Dana Al-Salah, Certified Food Allergy Coach. AllerCoach™ - the first int'l food allergy management training and certification programme for coaches and consultants.

As a certified food allergy coach & a mother of two children with food allergies, I provide both professional and personal coaching. The core initiative of my work is to create safe environments for those living with and affected by food allergies.

AllerLiving mentors and trains food allergy fighters throughout every stage of the experience, starting from diagnosis all the way through to managing their daily lives.

We provide participants with ongoing support, tools, resources, and educational programmes needed to persevere safely and become their own best advocates.

'Allergy Aware' is a training programme tailored to schools, restaurants and community organisations. The ‘hands-on’ training provides effective techniques to reduce the risk of allergic reactions.

AllerLiving also conducts awareness raising sessions to any individual, group or entity with a desire to learn more about food allergies, these include schools, restaurants & corporations.

Some of our achievements:

AllerLiving in association with Food Allergy Network Jordan has conducted a full day Q&A session for parents, teachers, nurses, caregivers who got the chance to meet with doctors and specialists as well as interact with the community and people affected by food allergies. The second half of the day, doctors got to meet to discuss latest in research, testing, and diagnosis.

With the help of family and friends, AllerLiving launched the first food allergy awareness campaign in Jordan by joining the worldwide movement #TurnItTeal. Several prominent landmarks in Jordan, such as The Rose City of Petra, lit up in teal to support the cause.