AllerAware is a food allergy training and certification program that is offered to all food handling and event services, schools, preschools, day-cares, camps, restaurants and heath institutes. The program is designed to guide and safely manage and accommodate people with special medical dietary restrictions.

The AllerAware Certification is intended to provide education, support and training for specific businesses, and provide food allergen and gluten-free safe handling and best practices.

This course is designed to help you and your staff who are dealing with children with food allergies whether directly or indirectly, whether inside or outside the kitchen, to fully understand what food allergies are, and give ways to better serve and understand those with strict dietary requirements, with emphasis on the risks and dangers associated with food.

This program will also prep staff on what questions to ask, what information they need to know before dealing, caring for those with food allergies, and how to properly and effectively communicate with caregivers to keep children safe and included.